Hey, I'm Jack

I'm an introvert that might be a little addicted to building accessible, performant, and whimsical web apps.

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My Latest Creations

I'd call it projects, but what's the fun in that?



A server first UI framework that is cohesive with many of Astro's underlying principles, with the addition of Resumability and JavaScript Streaming.

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Qwik UI

An open source, accessible, and headless unstyled library tailored for building complex web apps with Qwik

Latest Collaborations:

Widget showcase slider coming soon! 🚧

Ra Media

A video production studio in Tampa with a twist. Built with Astro, Qwik, and Keystatic CMS.

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My Favorite Courses

I think I might be a coursaholic. I see awesome courses and I just can't resist!

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